Sal’s Mind Tornado turned 2 today!

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A message to everyone, brilliantly conveyed.

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My new favorite possession.
Awesome typewriter is awesome.

Boredom level: painting.

The Flaws

Do you know that feeling when you suddenly start feeling distant towards someone and start questioning everything about them? You start thinking that everything you believe about this person is fiction, that you have misjudged this person from the beginning, that the image you have made of this particular someone is just an illusion. I believe that there are two types of people. The first type are the people that take a very critical approach when first meeting someone. The other type are those that make this great first impression of someone and then later start digging for their flaws. Unfortunately, I belong to the latter.

When I first meet someone, I try to see all that is great about them and fully accept them. I start being friends with them. I get close to them. And then there it goes. It’s like a trigger that goes off inside me, that switches on all of my senses to find that flaw that will give me a reason to break away from this person. The existence of this flaw is indisputable. Everyone is flawed. And that is why people will end up disappointing you. They will. It’s just a matter of time. The question is: Are you willing to forgive them?

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The Plan

An award winning short film.

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These headphones kick ass.
I’m in heaven! 

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Lol my mom ordered nothing for dessert so they gave her a plate with “nothing” written in chocolate syrup on it

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Wow, that went fast..

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It’s weird seeing these pictures one by one, when you usually just catch a glimpse of each in a super-fast slideshow. They seem so familiar, yet you feel like you haven’t actually seen them before.

I really don’t know how else to explain it..

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I Love Me

I took myself out on a date
and said I’m looking grand,
and when I got my courage up
I asked to hold my hand.

I took me to a restaurant
and then a movie show.
I put my arm around me
in the most secluded row.

I whispered sweetly in my ear
of happiness and bliss,
and then I almost slapped me
when I tried to steal a kiss.

Then afterwards I walked me home
and since I’m so polite
I thanked me for a perfect date
and wished myself goodnight.

There’s just one little problem
and it kind of hurts my pride.
Myself would not invite me in
so now I’m locked outside!


— Kenn Nesbitt

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My teacher took my iPod.
She said they had a rule;
I couldn’t bring it into class
or even to the school.

She said she would return it;
I’d have it back today.
But then she tried my headphones on
and gave a click on Play.

She looked a little startled,
but after just a while
she made sure we were occupied
and cracked a wicked smile.

Her body started swaying.
Her toes began to tap.
She soon was grooving in her seat
and rocking to the rap.

My teacher changed her mind.
She said it’s now okay
to bring my iPod into class.
She takes it every day.


— Kenn Nesbitt

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